Live in a culture where people make positive change in their own and other people’s lives.​​

 I am a social impact adventurer, trying to solve current challenges merging technology and learning.

My vision is to create a culture where people make positive change in their own and other people’s lives.

Feeling comfortable with leading leading innovative missions, I apply my skills as a connector, consultant and accelerator for people and ideas from various fields and backgrounds.
Personal Acceleration
Idea Building with groups, Action Planning, Inspirational Coaching, Personal Identities
Social Impact Projects
Digitalization + Learning
Strategic Consulting, Purpose Identification
Workshop Facilitation
Event + Methodical Planning, Speaking
Project Partnership (The Mosaic Bus)
Co-Creation of Social Impact Projects, Funding, Sponsorship, Official Partnering
Exchange "Learning in Digital Age"
Discuss new and relevant topic, learn about new technologies, develop new skills
Social Impact Adventures
Meet exciting people, explore countries and cultures, extend network

Building a bus for purpose-driven gamechangers, explorers and professionals.

Inspiring people to challenge the status quo
of education in Europe.

Love my family and make it the most exciting project of my life.
Create a place for ideas, development and experiences.
Make the world a place where I feel at home with friends.
Make life simple and natural and change it when it feels wrong.
Always be curious and learn.
Join the social impact adventure!
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​These values and objectives guide me on my journey:

Values determine your actions by guiding the way you think. Therefore, I take all things with humor and having faith in things to work out. I also value integrity as a constant in my behaviour and always ask about the purpose and perspective.​​