1. People Accelerator
    People Accelerator
    Creating an organization which helps people develop through travel challenges, adeventures, personal coaching and get-togethers.
  2. Innovation Sheds
    Innovation Sheds
    Opening a space of Tiny Houses which work as a co-living and co-working space for nomads, travellers and students. Collaborate and spark projects.
  3. Social Retreats & Camps
    Social Retreats & Camps
    Providing and environment for like-minded people or start-ups to share ideas and improve skills during workshops off grid.
  4. The Verb Network
    The Verb Network
    The Verb Network is a digital maker’s space and a marketplace for sharing and trading inspiration. Contribute your ideas, opportunities and inspiration now.


  1. Self-Motivated Leadership
    Self-Motivated Leadership
  2. Web Development and Technologies
    Web Development and Technologies
  3. Software Development (C#, Java)
    Software Development (C#, Java)
  4. Agile Project Management, Organization
    Agile Project Management, Organization
  5. Workshop Facilitation & Team Dynamics
    Workshop Facilitation & Team Dynamics
  6. Partner Management and Development
    Partner Management and Development
  7. Conflict Resolution
    Conflict Resolution
  8. Business Development and Strategy Consulting
    Business Development and Strategy Consulting
  9. Creative Thinking and Problemsolving
    Creative Thinking and Problemsolving
  10. Mentoring
  11. Constructive Feedback
    Constructive Feedback
  12. Curiosity


  1. Co-Living and Co-Working
    Co-Living and Co-Working
    Tiny Houses Movement / Social Living and Sharing / Digital Nomads / Mobility
  2. Books and Learning
    Books and Learning
    Evolution of School and Education / Home Schooling / Books Clubs / Open Innovation / Tribal Learning
  3. Travelling & Adventure
    Travelling & Adventure
    Backpacking / Hiking / Outdoor Adventures / Camping / Stargazing
  4. Social Entrepreneurship
    Social Entrepreneurship
    Shared Responsibility / Empowerment and Engagement / Sustainable and Digital Business Models / Idea Acceleration
  5. Digital Transformation/ IoT
    Digital Transformation/ IoT
    Internet of Things / Digitalization / Organizational Change / Digital Business Models / Consulting / Smart Living
  6. Global Politics and Issues
    Global Politics and Issues
    International Cooperation and Trading / Education / Communication
  7. Food Culture
    Food Culture
    Deli / Experimentation / Authentic and Beautiful Locations / Red Wine
  8. Self and Personal Development
    Self and Personal Development
    Non-violent communication / Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) / Coaching
  9. Interior Architecture and Design
    Interior Architecture and Design
    Google Sketchup / Self-made and inspirational objects / Lighting / Painting