Imagine life as a mosaic and every tile is something you have dared, achieved or failed. Be proud of every experience and build your unique mosaic of life.

Stories, Ideas and Projects

Fail to Learn to Succeed [Restart]

Every tile represents a story you can tell, a thought you turned into an idea. Feelings and experiences create memories which define who we are and what we do. 

Success is what motivates us, whereas failure creates learning. Both we need to learn and build valuable skills.

Past, present & future

Identity and direction

Our life consists of a past which shapes our personality and views, a present which determine our thinking and action and a future which gives us direction and purpose.

We define our identity through the values we live by and the prupose which drives us. A vision (what to achieve?) and mission (how to achieve?) help us navigate throug life.


Being a Danish  lifestyle architecture I live by these ambitions:

Make an effort to stay in love with life.
Make the ordinary extraordinary.
Make everyone feel welcome.​

  Hygge (pronounce 'hue-gah') is a quality of presence and an expierence of togetherness. It is a feeling of being warm, safe, comfortable and sheltered.

Hygge is an experience of selfhood and communion with people and places that anchors and affirms us, give us courage and consolation.

To hygge is to invite intimacy and connection . It's a feeling of engagement and relatedness, of belonging to the moment and to each other. Hygge is a sense of abundance and contentment. Hygge is about being not having.