We support people who believe in solving the challenges in the digital age through learning.

Join a social impact adventure
with a bus.

Heading 3

Heading 3

What is The Mosaic Bus?

The Mosaic Bus is a social impact adventure based in Europe. We transform a double-decker bus into a mobile action platform and makerspace. We support people who believe in solving the challenges in the digital age through learning.​​​​

We think, working on a bus and taking a break from everyday makes this project unusual.
Evolving the underlying business model in cooperation with our explorers and develop the route based on the opportunities and people we encounter makes it both experimental and exciting.
Offering a place to meet like-minded people, learn and create throughout Europe we find super exciting.

Why are we doing this?

​We all live in an environment which is rapidly changing around us. New technologies transform the way we live, work and interact. Learning new skillsets and adjusting our mindset is required to be prepared for upcoming challenges, to feel comfortable in taking social responsibility and act.​

What is a social impact adventure?

As a social impact adventure, we create impact through unusual, exciting and experimental experiences. This is what enables us to work purpose-driven, result-oriented and community-focused.

What do we offer?

Action Platform
We offer a platform and network for knowledge-exchange, discussions and explorative learning through workshops and meetups. Use our work environment and tools as a makerspace to develop your ideas further.
Impact Projects
In projects with local and European partners, we work on a challenge to solve or question to answer, regarding a deficiency or problem in our learning environment at schools, universities or jobs using technology and new learning methods.
Projects are how we generate social impact.
In projects we work on a challenge to solve or question to answer, regarding a deficiency or problem in our learning environment at school, university or work. This can be the introduction of new learning methods, social experiments or the ideation of ways to apply technology to improve processes and work/life conditions.

The project team and partners provide the environment for the local community to participate through workshops, meetup discussions and focused work sessions. The Mosaic Bus provides the workspace, materials and network for a high-quality outcome. Each project finishes with an action plan. The outcome will be published and open source.
Our target group could be students, children, parents, teachers, developers, businessmen, politicians, artists, designers, writers, scientists.

But we’d rather think of personalities rather than roles.

We engage with people who believe in positive change and take social responsibility. We collaborate with change-makers, problem-solvers and digital thinkers. We share a passion for life-long learning, technology, exploration and curiosity. We work with believers and pioneers for more effective and natural ways of learning. We invite everyone who thinks that learning happens in every stage of life, no matter what age, background or job.

Become a contributor!

Co-create solutions within an impact projects or contribute know-how and ideas during events and challenges. Take responsibility for projects and make sure we create impact with all contributors. Lead the change, become an expert and develop your leadership skills.
You manage this social impact adventure on a strategic level, make decisions and provide the context for successful projects.Define your roles in the bus team and travel with us for your period of participation. This is the ultimate way of learning + exploring!

Join events, projects or become co-founder.

Our impact partners


Offer Mosaic Perspective Meetups
Together, we explore how we learn in times of digital change and how we deal with uncertainty in periods of personal change. 
Your Role:​​
Participant, Storyteller, Speaker, lead + host
Organize strategy weekends
Participate in weekend-workshops where we work on strategic topics and drive the project further. Gain hands-on business experience and make deeper connections.
Your Role:​​
Expert, faciliator, host
in planning
Achieve financial sustainability
This step is crucial. We define our finanical strategy, find and apply for funding programmes and build financial partnerships.
Your Role:​​
Financial partner, CFO, financial expert
in planning

               Building-Phase: Turn the idea into reality.


Do pilot project
During mini-adventure we solve a real-world problem and show the world what we can achieve. We will hire a small bus and work with partner from Sweden and Germany.
Your Role:
project lead, team member, blogger, expert
in planning
Initiate bus crowdfunding campaign
Crowdfunding will help us reach our financial goal (to be defined) after the public funding.
Your Role:
Supporter, expert
Find + buy the bus
After a successful fundraising phase we go and buy a double decker bus.
Your Role:​​
bus provider, mechanical expert
Design + plan architecture
Ever wanted to make plans for a bus transformation? Get on board and help us decide what it'll look like.
Your Role:​​
Bus architect, interior, exterior, furniture
Open bus building workshops
Contribute your hard skills and take Your mind off routines: hand-craft furniture, design the living and the lab or set up the electrical infrastructure. We park at Coconat (near Berlin).
Your Role:​​
builder, project lead, helper, feel-good-manager
Create + plan route bucket list
Inspired by Corporate Rebels, we will make up our route based on a bucket list of schools, universities, festivals, organizations and people where we will stop.
Your Role:​​
Host (school , uni, org, individual), brainstormer

               Tour-Phase: Get the bus on the road.

Status Quo
The first months we visit EU countries to identify current challenges, learn about exisitng ideas and ask what people want.
With the previous experience, we develop new concepts with the partners and people we've met.
Now it's time turn idea into action and initiate and consult change projects.


This is how we roll. If you are excited about our idea,
then become a contributor.

                Startup-Phase: Develop the project idea.

Define our purpose + impact scope
Based on the main theme "learning in the digital age" we create our impact story. What can we achieve? What is a realisic project scope? 
Your Role:​​
storyteller, inspirator, writer, business architect

The story behind the project.

I'm Sascha, a 25-year old student and digital nomad. Four years ago I got the opportunity to live on a house bus with a Kiwi family in New Zealand. Since then I took on more adventures and followed the urge to explore how other people live and work. While I listened curiously to what my travel companions experienced, I felt an transformative power for life and personal changes and infinite possibilities.

Founding the The Mosaic Bus to me means beginning my own adventure and make it an open cooperative. It's about meeting fascinating people and creating a community where everyone dares to challenge the status quo. It's about making unique experiences while spending some time on the bus for everyone who is interested. Having a place to connect to people in a whole different setting and create lasting friendships and beneficial partnerships of all kinds.

A community where we inspire and motivate each other. Where we find the courage to do what we love. Where we spark new ideas and make "earn a living and living fulfilled" the same thing.

The Mosaic Bus is an experiment and adventure with an open end. Consider this your personal invitation to be part of this project: follow, share and engage with us!